Monday, 10 May 2010

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

Warp X, and Warp Films, are low budget film production companies, which have created the likes of Donkey Punch, compared too Working title, who work on a much larger scale creating films such as Love Actually , therefore, due to me being an "indie" film maker, I would choose Warp X and Warp Films.

The distribution company for this is Optimum Releasing. They have distributed movies such as Cry Wolf, Wolf Creek and Donkey Punch.

I would compare my film too these, as it is low-budget and a typical slasher.

My movie was not expensive, with only the following costing money:

  • Two tapes costing £2 each, making it £4 all together
  • Petrol money, for my actor to actually drive to the desired destination, which I again changed, this was £4
  • The knife I used was free of charge, it was a friends, as I used a blunt kitchen knife
  • The car was also my friends, so I was only charged petrol money
  • The costumes of my actresses and actors were either their own or mine, thus making it free of charge
  • And the location of where I filmed (Ilkley Moor- Keighley Gate) was free of charge. 
  • My actors and actresses were also free of charge
  • Four C.D'S to export my movie onto, costing £1 

However, it is important to consider, that if I was too release my movie, in the "movie world" makeup, clothing, lighting, and more props needed for the rest of the film would all be needed. Although, it would still be a cheap Indie film.

Most horrors, also do not star big named Actors and Actresses, as they are soon killed off,
 However it is important to realise that many slasher films are breaking away from not using big named actors and actresses, which primarily started in the 1990's, Scream started off this trend, by using Drew Barrymore and Courteney Cox and other slasher movies gradually began to follow, this widens the audience as fans of these actors and actresses will be interested in the work they produce.  

A NightMare On Elm Street is due to release a sequel in 2010, proving that the slasher genre is still going strong. With the first Nightmare on Elm street making $25,504,513 (USA). 

Recent films such as Tormented (2009- Jon Wright) have proven to do well in the genre, with the total budget costing just under 1 million, it made £284, 757. 

The movie Donkey Punch (2008- Oliver Blackburn), was filmed in three weeks, with a budget of £500,000,  a very low budget film with it end up making £144, 953 in its opening weekend. 

These figures show that the slasher genre still has an appeal and attraction to audiences. However many slasher films now do not get much cinema showings and often make more money on there DVD releases.

Therefore, I would expect my movie too not do quite as well in the cinema, but make the majority on DVD releases. Although it is important to consider the issue of copyright, as it is a digitally made film, and if they access my movie freely over the internet I will not be making any money. 

However, Optimum Releasing would only appeal to a British audience, and maybe not those of a upper class. This means it is unlikely to achieve a Box Office Release, as it does not contain big named actors and actresses, the low budget, and the specific target audience.

Due to Warp X being a small company, to distribute my film I would most probably need extra funding, I could get this from Screen Yorkshire or the UKFC 
These both aim to help new producers of films.

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