Monday, 10 May 2010

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

Due to creating my product, I have learnt about all sorts of technologies, this is due to me using many different types.

The main one, would of course be I-movie, where I edited and created my film on. This has helped me learn how to import and export sound, as this is what I used for my voice-over. It has also helped me change the volume of the sound, and edit sound from clips and place it on other clips, which is what I had to do for my mobile phone ringing. It has also helped me with transitions, making them fast or slow, I slowed down the stabbing scene, to make it more dramatic and not too quick. I also edited the lighting on my shots to make them all seem the same colour, as lighting was a problem when filming. I also learned how to add titles.

This program then helped me to go on and learn how to use I-dvd, which is what we put our films on from I-movie.

Another technology on the Mac I used was LiveType, this was to create my final title, as I felt the font size was not big enough in Imovie. I also used this to create my distribution logo and my production logo.

This is the stages of creating my distribution logo :

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Although, I did not personally create the music myself, with thanks to John Cockshaw, I did watch him create my music, and I learned how to use two different types of instrument playing at the same time, for instance piano and strings, I also learned how to export the music into I movie. This was on the program garage band.

This is my soundtrack:

Along with these workshops on the Mac's, I also used many internet based technologies.

The main website I used was blogger,
This helped me present my stages of completing the coursework, my research, reasons as to why I used certain characters, costumes, my storyboard, this also allowed me to embed videos, upload sounds and pictures. This was accessible at both home and school.

Another website I used was

This allowed me to upload audio files and then post these on my blog, for instance my voiceover.  this allowed me to upload written documents onto my blog, for instance my storyboards.

I also used, I used this to upload my videos, although is a good alternative, you can not access it from school, therefore I took note of this new video sharing site, I found this easier, as I could access it from school and upload movies from Imovie straight onto it.

The two main pieces of equipment I used were the video camera itself, the tri-pod and the voice-record.

The tri-pod helped me keep the camera still so the shots did not appear shaky. I used this for shots such as the killing. 

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

However in shots such as my actress running away, it did not matter if the camera was a bit "shaky" as this made it seem more realistic, I could also not use the tripod as I was running behind my actress filming her. 

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

I used the voice-recorder to get close up sounds, I used this for my voice-over, and also for when you could hear my male character speak, I also used this to create the "slashing sound" for my killing, although I did not actually use this. 

This is my voice-over, which I recorded on the voice-recorder:

The other main technology I used was the video camera itself, 

Canon MV920 Digital camcorder was the video camera I used too shoot my footage, I then put this on Imovie. These were very easy to use.

For some of my footage I used night mode, this was due to some of the shots being too dark too see. 

To record my footage on, I used DV tapes. 

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