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In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

In the horror genre, there are typically significant factors that make the film horror, and so the audience are clear that "something bad is going to happen."

From researching many famous horror films, on websites such as,, I realised that in most horror films there is a stereotypically "final girl" type character, most often she is brunette, they are typically seen as the "virginal" type character, shy and not interested in sexual-activity, drug taking or alcohol.

In my opening two minutes, I included a final girl, to make it clear to the audience that if I was to film the rest of my movie, she would be the only one that survives, hence the title "final girl."

I signified her being a "final girl" character, by her having brunette hair, and natural makeup, this is a binary opposition the the common "scream queen" who is usually blonde and busty. Although it appeared that she was sexually active by the opening of my film including her kissing her boyfriend however I made her seem not as interested as "kissing" her boyfriend as he was, by telling him to get out the car to answer his phone, and also by her appearing angry when he tells her that the car they are in is actually not his. I also made her wear a high cut black top with a wooly cardigan, typical clothes of a "final girl" compared to a short, low cut dress which "scream queens" commonly wear.

If I was to challenge the conventions of real media products, I could of had a twist, and actually made my final girl be the killer. But due to lack of actresses available I was limited, if I had used a blonde character I could of really challenged the conventions of "scream queens" and horrors by making her the killer, this is seen in Kill Bill (2003- Quentin Tarantino.)

However, due to my killer not actually being seen untill my actor gets out the car to speak on the phone, it still leaves the audience unsure on what is going to happen and who is the killer. 

I named my female character "Chrissie" as this is a uni-sex name, just like Laurie Strode, the final girl from Halloween.

Feminists would like approve of the theory of the "final girl" as it shows that she is strong and independent, not all women are vulnerable, some can break through the glass ceiling.

An example of a final girl, like my actress, is Laurie Strode in Halloween (1978- John Carpenter)

In contrary to this, I used my male character as a typical "jock" style. This is connoted through his forwardness to the girl, and his clothing of trainers, jeans and a "hoody."

It is also connoted through the fact that he states that the car is not his, connoting he has stolen it, giving representation of youths which is commonly portrayed, but also the fact that he is "relaxed" in comparison to my female actress, whom is angry that he has stolen the car.

I named him Brad, as this is a common name for a "jock-type" male. This could bring in the opposite of the "male gaze" to a "female gaze" and bring in the pink-pound theory.

Due to him being forward with my female actress and the stealing of a car, this will make the audience realise that he may be killed, as he has a "purpose" or a "reason" to be killed, as he has broken the law.

This foreshadows the fact that he is going to be killed. 

This is like the character "Jake" in Scream (1996- Wes Craven) whom also dies in the opening of the film.

This is also like the convention of the film Cherry Falls, with the male being dragged out the car and being killed.

In many horrors, the identity of the killer is hidden, this is what I used for my killer, as you never saw his face, he was dressed in all black to also hide his identity. This is for the identity of the killer to maybe be revealed later on in the film.

The weapon he used was also a kitchen knife.

The killer in Cherry Falls, also hides his identity by dressing up as his Mum whom was bullied.

I have also named my killer "Jason Cringles" I got the idea for this name from Jason, whom is the killer in Friday the 13th (Jason Vorhees), and Cringles is a town in Yorkshire, so it fits with the setting of the film. I have connoted the killers name through the voice-over on the radio from when the car is driving. Jason Vorhees also covers up his identity, in Friday the 13th.

Although I decided not to use the stabbing sound effect, I got the idea for a stabbing effect from the famous horror, Psycho. (Alfred Hitchcock- 1960)
This stabbing sound was used for the shower scene in Psycho. This has been argued to be the best killing scene- BBC NEWS 

The film used melons to create the stabbing sound effect-  Movie Reviews. 

When I recieved audience feed back they said that the killing was too far away and in a point of view shot from my actresses eyes, therefore you did not need to include it, however I did experiment.

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

I got the idea of using a car and the killing to be on the car bonnet from the film Cherry Falls. As in the opening of Cherry Falls, they also pulled over to be connoted as "having sexual activity."This is also where I got the idea to use a discrete moors area to connote no one is around to help.

Although teenagers were the only actors and actresses I could actually obtain, this can be seen as developing forms of existing movies, as films such as, Cherry Falls, Tormented  and Cry Wolf. All include teenagers, many films are developing this idea of using teenagers, as many horrors are targeted at the 15-24 age genre.

 I also used sans serif font, for my titles, and I used the colour red to connote horror and blood, this is used in many horror films such as Trick or Treat, Bride of Chucky, and When A Stranger Calls.

I also got the idea for my main title font from the film A Nightmare on Elm Street, as it is red and glowing, connoting horror and violence.

For the shots of  my actress running away, I used shots from the film Cry Wolf, as the actress is running away from someone, with different shots, and you can see the grass. It also emphasises the sounds of her feet and the rustles of the leaves, which is what I included in my shots.

Like many existing horror films, I used non-diegetic music playing in the background (With thanks to John Cockshaw), I used two strings  this is to increase tension and make the audience skip a heartbeat. This is in most horror films such as Friday the 13th and Halloween.

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