Sunday, 9 May 2010

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

The main social group my media product is representing is teenagers.

I have connoted my actors and actresses as the stereotypical image that most people portray of teenagers. I have done this mainly through clothing, as my male actor is wearing jeans and a hooded jumper, and my female actress is wearing casual clothes. This will immediately suggest their age, but also due to them "kissing" and "canoodling" in the car, as this is the reason they pulled over, it is clear that they are teenagers.

My male actor is seen as "cool, fun, free" this is also a stereotypical image of teenagers, making the characters more realistic.

Due to both my actor and actress having a Yorkshire accent I did not portray them to be of a certain class and status. This would widen the audience, as I have also filmed my product in a famous landmark "Keighley Gate" which many people will recognise. However to widen the audience even more, I should of maybe used some shots of Yorkshire, for instance of The Cow and Calf as that is a very famous landmark. Films such as This is England have proven to be very successful which was set in the North of England.

Yorkshire has produced many big movies, including Calendar Girls. In a recent poll by the Film Distributors Association on the most atmospheric use of location in British cinema, four of the top ten films were set in Yorkshire, proving that Yorkshire has a rich and recognisable heritage in film. Despite Leeds being the chosen location for the first moving image film by Louis le Prince in 1888, it was perhaps the 1960s New Wave that really put Yorkshire on the cinematic map. - BritMovies 

However, my male actor does state that he does not own the car he is driving, therefore giving a stereotypical impression on "youths" and how they are not trusted. Theft would stereotypically be seen as something a person of a lower social grouping would do.

I have also connoted my female actress to be a "final girl" type character, this takes away the stereotypical image of girls being weaker than boys, and may widen the audience to more females. I have dressed my female in a cardigan, high cut top and jeans, therefore still typical teen clothes, but not any that is too revealing, this shows the impact of the feminist movement. 

My cast would arguably be seen as C2DE, this is due to the "sexual" references in my film and the fact they are teenagers.

I also used a voice-over, this may widen the audience, as it shows it is not nessisarily all about teenagers. It also shows the killers motives.

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