Monday, 10 May 2010

How did you attract/address your audience?

After researching and finding out specifically and in detail whom my target audience was, I had to establish how I was going to attract them and make my film specifically suitable for them, for instance by not making the film too hard to understand when the age range of my product is for younger, 15-24, but also so it is suitable.

I made sure my actors and actresses were of the same age of my target audience, which was 17.

By using this teenage cast, teenage culture and reference to "teen activities" I have drawn in my chosen audience. The storyline is also easy to understand and not too complex, horror is commonly of interest too a younger audience.

I also knew that due to accents, dialogue and scenery, it would typically be a Yorkshire audience, I have tried to widen this audience by including typical things that you expect to see in horror, but also by using famous landmarks. 

Although, I have tried to widen the audience in some aspects of my movie, for instance, the girl survives in my film, rather than the male, she is connoted as strong and intelligent, typically known as the "final girl" this may widen the audience too more females, however I may of lost audiences due to not including a "male gaze" in my film, although it could be argued that I used the "pink pound" theory, with a good looking actor.

There is a narrative enigma in my story, as the killing doesn't just happen straight away, the audience will get a shock and a scare, with the fast paced editing of the girl running away, this will also bring in the teen audience, and the fact my actor and actress are "kissing." It is all common things teenagers can relate too.

The music, which was just created on garage band, is quite simple, but adds a huge effect of something is going to happen, due to this being simple, easy music, this would attract my chosen audience.

I also used a voice-over, this adds exposition of why the kill takes place, which will draw the audience in of what is happening.

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