Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Production company:

Originally I decided to name the production company of my film "Peekaboo Productions" as I feel this is a fun and memorable name.

I also think you could do a good logo to go with it, it also relates to the horror genre. I plan to have a child covering their eyes then uncovering their eyes and saying peekaboo as my logo.

To ensure that this had not been used before, I searched it on, but unfortunately this production logo has already been used in the 1998 film Catch Me If You Can.

I then decided on a productions name called "A kill joy productions" but found that has also been used, in the 1998 film Skippers. 

I then decided on another production title which was Heartbeat productions, however, Heartbeat Productions had already been used in the film Military Miracles (2008) 

I then decided that I could use the name "Torch light productions" and use a torch as my logo, however due to this also being unavailable, I needed to get a production company as quickly as possible, So I can start to design the logo, I changed the production company name to "Torch Lit Productions" I plan to get a clip of a torch moving around with the light shining.

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

After audience feedback on my Production logo, they said it needed some sound, so in my final cut, using the I-movie "sound" options, I put a "twinkle sound" in which fitted in with the torch turning on and the bright light from the torch.

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