Thursday, 22 April 2010


I decided to name the title of my Distribution company "Peekaboo Entertainment" 

I was originally going to use this as my production company's name, but due to it already being used, I have decided to use it for my distribution title. I again checked on to see if it was already in use, and it wasn't.

I am going to use a person covering their eyes and then saying peekaboo. This is a simple, memorable logo. And also suits the genre of films as it is horror.

If I was too actually produce and distribute my film in the "film world" and film all of the movie rather than just the opening two minutes, It would cost more, I would be using more equipment and more expensive equipment, I would also have to pay people to do makeup.

If my film was too be distributed in the outside world, I would imagine it would be distributed by Optimum Releasing, A UK company, which has distributed films such as Donkey Punch, Cry Wolf and Wolf Creek, all of which, If I was too distribute my film, I would compare my film too. They are in the same genre and are typical slasher movies. 


The budget of creating my film was around £8.

This included:

  • Two tapes costing £2 each, making it £4 all together
  • Petrol money, for my actor to actually drive to the desired destination, which I again changed, this was £4
  • The knife I used was free of charge, it was a friends, as I used a blunt kitchen knife
  • The car was also my friends, so I was only charged petrol money
  • The costumes of my actresses and actors were either their own or mine, thus making it free of charge
  • And the location of where I filmed (Ilkley Moor- Keighley Gate) was free of charge. 
  • My actors and actresses were also free of charge
  • Four C.D'S to export my movie onto, costing £1 
If I was to release my movie as an indie film maker, horror movies tend to be low budget, as most characters get killed off, therefore they do not star famous named actors and actresses. Here are some recent examples:

These are all low to medium budget films, which I would consider my film to be.

My film is low budget as it does not contain big named actors and actresses and the location is easy to obtain. 

This is my Distribution logo:

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

You cannot hear the words "peekaboo" be said in this clip, but it does say that, this adds a "quirky" style to the clip, and makes it memorable. 

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