Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Props, Mise-en-scene, costume

For my female actress:

  • Due to my actress being a "final girl" type, I am going to make her wear clothing that will cover her body, to connote her being seen as virginal
  • She will be wearing a polo neck, a cardigan, jeans and ugg boots, all average clothing, which shows she doesn't really make an effort, especially as it is connoted that she is on a date. It will also portray she is not sexually active, or wanting that kind of thing.
Makeup and hair-  
  • The actress will be wearing minimum makeup to again connote her as being natural, intelligent, this is the stereotypical portrayal 
  • She will wear natural looking makeup and her hair will be tied up in a bobble to again connote her intelligence
  • However when the actress sees her boyfriend being attacked, to connote she has been crying and screaming, I will make her mascara smudge down her face, this emphasises that she has been crying, therefore she will have to wear a minimal amount of makeup 

For my male actor- 

  • However my male character is quite the opposite of this, he is meant to be seen as "cool" and fashionable, but quite laid back, therefore I am going to make him wear a polo shirt and some jeans
  • My actor is being portrayed as quite a "cool" person, the sort of person that would be in the "popular crowd" at school, therefore I am going to have his hair with a bit of hair gel in, maybe a bit spiked up, but also relaxed, like his personality

For the Killer-

  • My last actor, is the killer, however to ensure you do not see any of his face or physical features, to leave a narrative enigma, I am going to have him dressed in a black hoody, or something of a dark colour, hiding his face and hair, he will be fully disguised. 

  • If needed I may also use a black balaclava to fully cover his face.

  • I need a car for the couple to be parked up in, the car that I am using is the actors, therefore it is a suitable car as it is a car that teenagers would drive 
  • The car will also need a radio in for them to be listening to music, and for the news report to come on
  •  I also need a mobile phone for the male actor to receive a call from
  • The weapon that I am going to use is a knife
  • This is so when the female actress turns around as she is running away she can see the back of her boyfriend, and the attacker knifing him
  • This will be easier to connote as it will not have to actually show the violence or the slit to the neck
  • At the moment I do not think I need any fake blood, as you will only see the attack from the back of the victim, and through the actresses eyes, it will be every quick takes
  • To create mise-en-scene inside the actor's car, to connote him being a teenager but also being seen as "cool" I will have plenty of c.d's and maybe some dice hanging from the mirror, this gives representation of youth
  • I may also include things such as chewing gum, a soft drink, such as a bottle of coke, lying around in his car, to again connote the age of the characters.  
  • The actress's handbag will also be on the floor by her feet, however this does not play much of an important role, but adds mise-en-scene 
  • When the actor gets out the car, the female may touch up her mascara, or give her hair a brush, again to add mise-en-scene, and that she isn't directly looking at her boyfriend who will then be getting attacked,
  • She will get this item out of her handbag 
  • This also gives a feminine touch and again connotes her age
  • She won't notice untill he screams
  • This also means she takes pride in her appearence and wants to look presentable
  • There may also be items such as an ipod in sight, again giving evidence of their youth, and the target audience 
  • These will all give a pre-modern sense to the youth audience that I am targeting at (see later post on target audience) 

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