Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Location scouting-

Although quite an American idea, I still think it can fit my target audience, which will be teens.

The location had to be somewhere quite remote, which is seen as quite romantic, with this I decided to use the Cow and Calf, which will bring representation of where it is set, that it is set in a small town. 

This can be seen as out of the way of an evening, so this is why the boyfriend would of chosen to go to that place to be alone with his girlfriend.

There is also perfect places for the girl to run away, near the moors, connoting that she may be chased later on in the film.

This will be the scene from the front of the car:

And this is the pathway that I plan to have the girl run up towards the moor:

 This is quite like the opening of Cherry falls, however it is more "rural" although the moors and rocks can connote that something bad is going to happen.

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