Monday, 22 March 2010

Revised Narrative Outline- audience feedback

Due to complications with my initial idea, and it not working very well, due to locations, actresses and actors and transitions, I have decided to come up with a new idea, a lot more simple, and very stereotypical, but one that I will enjoy working on and can experiment with, it is easier to achieve in terms of getting actors and relates to many horror films I have watched, it also focuses on a set target audience.

I do not see it as a problem that I have changed my narrative outline, as I am still in the horror/slasher genre, and this storyline links into a lot of the films I have viewed for research, It will also be easy to gain teen actors/actresses to star in my opening two minutes

The films that I have researched can help me make sure this storyline works, with sampling use of music, false scares and character types in typical horror films
After getting audience feedback from my teacher and my fellow peers, whom I will be targeting my opening at, I have decided to make some changes to my film:
  •  I will start with some shots establishing the scene, this can be seen in the opening of cherry falls 

  • I will then gradually zoom in on a car that is already parked up
  • And inside the car their will be a boyfriend and girlfriend kissing 
  • There will be diegetic music coming from the car radio
  • A news report will then come on about a murderer having escaped from jail, the teenagers will pay no attention this and turn the radio off
  • They will then start kissing again
  • The boyfriends phone will ring, but he will just ignore it, it will be an unknown number
  • They start kissing again
  • The phone will ring again and the girl (who is seen as a final girl character) will say go answer your phone)
  • The boyfriend will get out the car leaving the door open
  • And the attacker will come grab him from behind
  • The girl will then start screaming and running away
  • The last shot will be her turning around and seeing her boyfriend being murdered
  • It will then go to the title of the film
I am still considering other shots, and endings for the male character in my opening two minutes, but I am going to experiment which is the best and take different shots, and see which works best and why others don't.

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