Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Genre Research and Intertextual Links

After researching common codes and conventions of general horror films, I have taken note on how these are achieved and incorporated them into the opening two minutes of my film.

  • With "Laurie Strode" the final girl from Halloween  I have decided to also give my female character a uni-sex name, to give the idea of strength and as much power and males, connoting she will be the final survivor. 
  • The area that I have filmed in is quite discrete, to connote that no-one is around to help, this is similar to the film Cherry Falls. 
  •  I am also going to do shots of the scenery at the beginning, to set the scene, and to maybe give a false impression of what is going to happen, again like in Cherry Falls 
  • I have made my film quite modern, using teenagers and a car, this is seen in many films for instance, Tormented and Cry Wolf.  
  • I am also going to use a "spooky" music, with a change in beat when the murder happens, to create tension.
  • I have used the name "Jason" as my killer, this is also the same name as the killer in Friday the 13th
  • I have used Serif font, in red, for my titles connoting horror, this is seen in many films, such as Trick or Treat
  • I used the idea of stabbing a cantaloupe melon for the stabbing sound effect, as this is what Alfred Hitchcock did in the horror Psycho.  (However due to my killing being far away and a point of view shot, it was too far away to include the sound, there was also only one stab in my killing.)

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