Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Codes and conventions of general openings of films:

Divorcing Jack (1998) David Caffrey

  • Black comedy genre
  • Winchester Films- this is white writing on a black background
  • There is then a list of the production companies, again, white writing on a black background 
  • Voice-over- In an Irish accent- widens the audience
  • The first character you see is stumbling- connoting he is drunk- stereotypical image of the Irish
  • It is not clear whether the music is diegetic or non-diegetic as the voice over could be listening to that music whilst speaking the voice over
  • There is a sub-title saying "Belfast, Northern Ireland, 1973" This adds exposition
  • There is mise-en-scene of a messy room, connoting it is a younger males room
  • There is two characters, a child asleep, and the drunk man, a bit older, as they are seen the voice-over talks about his brother weeing on his laptop, connoting they are brothers and it is going back in time, talking about the past
  • There is a slow pan across posters on the boys bedroom this adds mise-en-scene
  • There is a poster of "George Best" very famous, recognisable to the audience again suggesting who it is targeted at, he is also known for his alcoholism
  • This can in some ways help in my film, as we are connoting a stalker, we could use the panning technique of the stalkers bedroom, and pictures of the girl he is stalking.  

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