Monday, 1 February 2010

Stalker films

As an idea for the first two minutes of an opening of a film I would like to do one about a stalker

I have researched the top ten stalker fillms to date and these are as followed:

  1. Fatal Attraction (1987)

  2. Scream (1996)

  3. Taxi Driver (1976)

  4. Cape Fear (1991)

  5. The Fan (1996)

  6. Fear (1996)

  7. One Hour Photo (2002)

  8. The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (1992)

  9. Single White Female (1992)

  10. Sleeping With The Enemy (1991)

Some initial ideas to create the sense of a stalker I got from the films are:

  • A clip of the stalkers rooms- photos around the room of the person they are stalking (in my case I have chosen a male stalker)

  • Pictures that she does not know have been taken i.e of her entering her house, walking along the road

  • Something like a bracelet in the mans room, that the girl doesn't know where she has lost it, but the audience know- creates suspense, and dramatic irony- makes the audience belive they are sharing something personal with the actor

  • The camera will roam around the room looking for something suspicious once the girl notices her bracelet is missing- makes the audience feel they are involved in uncovering the story

  • Close up shots of objects and the photographs of the girl explain the plot elements

  • The camera can be moved around as if it is someones eyes- creates suspense- confusion

  • Eyes can reveal an actors/actresses true thoughts- scared, worried, panicked, angry

  • The stalker could have a conversation with another person but be distracted without the other person noticing- showing he is engaged and constantly thinking about something else- that being the woman he is stalking

  • Point of view shots- the man looking at the picture of the woman, then the close up of the photo, then a close up of the man smiling- shot reverse shot- builds tension

  • The actor could walk towards the subject- building the tension- tracking shot- changing his views as he is walking towards the picture

  • Hide parts of the events-keeping the audience engaged- i.e showing hands- legs before the face

  • Ironic characters- not a blonde, busty woman- makes them more realistic- ones you'd never expect

  • If something is going to be used to harm the actress- show it at beginning of the scene- let the scene carry on as normal- creates tension- reflect back to it- foreshadowing

In Family Plot (1976) Hitchcock shows the audience that brake fluid is leaking out of a car well before the characters find out about it.

  • Someone ringing the actress and then hanging up- her saying that it keeps happening

  • A zoom in on the stalkers laptop- shows her and her boyfriend in his room
  • The actress should be very jumpy

  • Then the camera goes to her and her boyfriend-

  • Anchors he has placed a camera in her room and is watching her every moves

  • When the girl goes out (to where ever she is going to be when the stalker finds her) a point of view shot could be to the stalks bedroom door- it was once closed- now open connoting he has gone where she is- suspense-

  • Point of view shot ( only a short one!!) of her walking-where you can't actually see the actress but just the snicket or where-ever she is walking down- sound effects and her turning over her shoulder anchoring some-one is there - rustles in the bushes, and shadows, when she turns her shoulder no-one is there

  • Her walking over a bridge and the stalker grabbing her leg- and it ends there- gives a storyline to what would happen in the rest of the film if you were to create it

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