Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Initial Ideas-

  • To connote danger and the male gaze, I could have my actress wearing red lipstick and nail polish, red is stereotypically known as danger, and often "sexy" 

  •  For mise-en-scene and representation of the girls bedroom, I could include a lot of things that are expected to be seen in a teenage girls bedroom, such as makeup, jewelry, hair accessories, this anchors whom the film is going to be about and targeted at 
  •  To connote that the girl is being stalked, the man could have her bracelet or something belonging to her in his room, and her empty box, not knowing where the bracelet is
  • To emphasise someone is there, there will be rustles of a bush, and a twig could break
  • Also to create the illusion that the girl is being stalked she could keep getting calls from unknown callers

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