Monday, 1 February 2010

Initial Ideas

  • To portray someone has just had sex without actually showing them having sex, you can use things like, clothes all over the bedroom floor, someone putting their clothes on, zipping up a zip, sheets all messed up,
  • Things need to synk together, for example opening a door you may have a "creeking" sound, lights turning on can synk with the sound (Halloween 1978)
  • Point of view shots can signify someone walking, and where the camera is placed is where they are walking too- one long continuous shot (Halloween 1978)
  • Dialogue, Mise-en-scene, voice over and titles on screen can give exposition
  • Use of character names can also give expostion- Jamie Lee Curtis who stars in Halloween is daughter of Janet who starred in Psycho (1960)
  • Two strands of music, long notes and piano, can cause tension, and make the person whom is viewing the film have irregular heartbeats, this causes them to feel something is going to happen that will scare of shock them (Halloween 1978)
  • The colour blue can be signified as chilling, super-natural, cold, something un-expected, for instance around the house it has a glow of blue in Halloween (1978) (Bride of Chucky 1998) (Halloween 1978)
  • The american flag in Bride of Chucky (1998) anchors it is set in America
  • Rain and thunder can signify something bad is going to happen, make the scene more "spooky" (Bride of Chucky 1998)
  • Having one thing stand out and the rest of the screen can connote it is a horror film for instance the pumpkin in Halloween 1978
  • Slow zooms can cause tension, zooming in on the pumpkin in Halloween 1978 and of the house
  • Halloween 1978 uses a steadicam for angles, this makes the shot smooth and connotes in-human almost like someone is floating, this we would not be able to do in our opening two minutes as we are limited to equipment, therefore we would not be able to signify this effect
  • Sound bridge can link different shots, titles and audio can be used and gaps between dialogue this is to anchor suspense and tension

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