Thursday, 11 February 2010

The Idea that I have chosen:

I have chosen my third idea. Which is the stalker film.

I plan to have the first scene with the camera starting on a diary, with a bracelet on the diary, or some hands playing with the bracelet in his hands, and then panning of all the photos around his room, zoomed in of one of her with her friends, leaving the audience in a state of confusion. I then will zoom into another picture to set the next scene, however I have to make sure this does not like it's going back in time.

I am then going to have a scene of the girl in her room with her boyfriend, either just putting her top on, and her boyfriend in bed, with clothes all over the floor and sheets pulled over, he then grabs her wrist and says where is your bracelet, the girl says it is in the box, but she goes to look in the box, and it is not there, the audience know something the characters don't. The girl will then re-touch her makeup, with a red lipstick, connoting danger, and the boy and girl leave the house, go there seperate ways, there is emphasis on a twig clicking connoting someone is there, someone rings the girls mobile but no one speaks.

The next scene would be the kidnapper grabbing the girl, I am going to only make it so you can see his hands, leaving a narrative enigma, engaging the audience, I may also have him shutting the door after the panning of pictures, with a rope or something in his hand, so the audience see the weapon way before it is actually used. I think I would do this maybe down a snicket, or somewhere where the girl can be trapped. The girl could gradually start walking faster down the snicket, as she hears the bushes move, and a twig etc

I could also maybe have a zoom in on the window, to connote he is watching the girl and her boyfriend. With a bush just before the window, connoting that the stalker is behind the bush.

I am considering doing a voice over at the beginning of the clip, like a narrator, to give ex-position, then one at the end when he has grabbed the girl, at the beginning he could say "sometimes we just can't help ourselves" and then at the end of the two minutes he could say something like "sometimes our desires take over" this leaves a cliff-hanger, so if we were to create the rest of the film it would have a plot, something to lead onto.

I am going to try use two strands of music, long notes and piano, can cause tension, and make the person whom is viewing the film have irregular heartbeats, this causes them to feel something is going to happen that will scare of shock them, such as in John Carpentar's Halloween

I am going to use a blonde, busty actress, who is portrayed as sexually active and available, which can be seen as the "scream queen" which you will find in many horror films such as Scream.

I may, if I think it is a good idea to draw in an extra character in the opening two minutes, have a friend of the blonde girl, who would be the "final girl" they are more intelligent, and usually brunette, for example in Halloween

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