Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A general over-view of ideas for my opening two minutes of a film:

A first idea was to do a horror film, Skins meets Fatal Attraction: I was planning on starting the film at a party, with the camera scanning everyone, but mainly showing this one girl, who seems very drunk- I was then going to have a guy in the background just watching her, maybe a voice over, saying how he feels about her, she then drunkenly leaves and is stumbling, her follows her and kidnaps her, or hits her over the head to knock her unconscious

A second idea was again horror, using a boy that has been suffering from bullying for a long time, it would use a voice over of him saying stuff such as "it's hard being the one who stands out from a crowd" It then shows his obsession with a girl, as he is talking there is various shots of her with her friends laughing, smiling, but from a long distance, almost as if she is being watched. He then states in the voice over something like "sometimes I just can't help myself, our desires just take over" and then a shot of him grabbing the girl, or running her over etc.

A third idea, again with horror, is a stalker film, the film opens with a panning of a bedroom, the mise-en scene would indicate it is a males bedroom, but quite plain, then it has zoom ins on some of the pictures, of a girl with friends, so the audience does not know whom it is about, then a zoom in on pictures such as the girl walking into her house, so it looks like she hasn't taken the picture herself, there is then a zoom in on a diary- with times and exact dates, times etc of what the girl is doing, and the stalker could be toying around with the girls bracelet, it then cuts to the girls bedroom, and she is with her boyfriend, I will connote they have just had sex, and she is getting ready to go out, when she goes her seperate way from her boyfriend, you hear a twig click, as if she is being followed, and then the stalker grabs her.

These are just rough ideas, I personally prefer my third idea, as I have been interested in the start to do a film about a stalker, this also leaves a cliff-hanger, and if we were to do the whole film, something to lead onto. I would have to think of these in much more detail when deciding on which to do.

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