Sunday, 17 January 2010

Sweding a film opening

Means girls, She's the man, harry potter, trainspotting, St. Trinians, 10 Things I hate about you, A cinderella story, Joh Tucket must die..

John Tucker Must die
*with the school photo saying she is invisble- take a photo and cut her out- saying there's is me
*The begginning is at the spelling bee- where I can make my character go dressed up really geekily.
*Over emphasises that she call spell- spelling easy words- "I can spell words, w-o-r-d-s"
*When the guy comes over to give the brownies, and stares at the mum, it could be a guy in hotpants, wearing a wig, and the boy is overly drooling over her,
*Mimick the boys accent- have him with a surf board- hawaiin flowers
*when she is told to pass the love note forward, she could be crying, saying no body likes me, I am so ugly- very dramatic
*The man who gave the brownies- same man dressed differently when saying he is dating the girls mother
*when the woman is eating the chocolate- the mum has chocolate all over her face

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