Monday, 25 January 2010

Task 2-

The last 5 movies I've seen-
1) Notting Hill
2) Mystic Pizza
3)Mean Girls
4) Bridget Jones
5) Love Actually

The last movie I paid to go see in the cinema-
My Sisters Keeper

Two favourite film genres-
1) Romance
2) Comedy

My top 5 films-
1) The Notebook (How can this not be your favourite Dave?!?!?! I do not know!!!) 2) Dirty Dancing 3) How to lose a guy in ten days 4) Never been kissed 5) Mean Girls

My favourite film-

*The Notebook*

The Notebook is my favourite film to date. It is one of the first romantic films that I viewed that really took my interest. My friends had told me how spectacular the movie was, and that I must watch it, with no real interest, I sat down with my friends and watched it, the film drew me in right from the start, up until the end, and had me in tears all the way through too!!! The film was not like any ordinary romantic, where you can guess the outcome, it had many different sad, and happy moments that really draws the audience in. I personally feel it is a beautiful movie and would advice anyone to watch it! Unlike usual, I watched the movie and then read the book, I feel the movie did the book great justice, which is often hard to do.
How can anyone not love the lake scene and when they kiss in the rain!!! The best romance film I have viewed yet, and no matter how many times I watch it, it never fails to make me cry.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Sweding a film opening

Means girls, She's the man, harry potter, trainspotting, St. Trinians, 10 Things I hate about you, A cinderella story, Joh Tucket must die..

John Tucker Must die
*with the school photo saying she is invisble- take a photo and cut her out- saying there's is me
*The begginning is at the spelling bee- where I can make my character go dressed up really geekily.
*Over emphasises that she call spell- spelling easy words- "I can spell words, w-o-r-d-s"
*When the guy comes over to give the brownies, and stares at the mum, it could be a guy in hotpants, wearing a wig, and the boy is overly drooling over her,
*Mimick the boys accent- have him with a surf board- hawaiin flowers
*when she is told to pass the love note forward, she could be crying, saying no body likes me, I am so ugly- very dramatic
*The man who gave the brownies- same man dressed differently when saying he is dating the girls mother
*when the woman is eating the chocolate- the mum has chocolate all over her face