Monday, 10 May 2010

Image Rights

Release Form for Media Recording DB Edit As

This is the image right sheet that I got everyone who starred in my film too sign, even extras, and the voice-over.

This has proven that my actors and actresses gave me permission to star in my film and for others to watch the product.


This is the soundtrack for my final piece, John Cockshaw created this soundtrack for me.

It fits in with common horror soundtracks, and adds tension.

As John has knowledge in creating music, he said he would happily agree to create my soundtrack, he used his knowledge of my genre to create the piece.

I liked the way he had done the piece, therefore I chose not to change it.

John also ran through with me a step by step guide to creating the soundtrack on garage band, therefore in future I would be able to work this myself.

With thanks.

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

Due to their being more members in my preliminary task group, I did not get that much chance of editing and filming.

As I have worked alone in my media product, I have learnt various factors on creating a movie.

I have learnt about different shot types, and what shots work well together, and how to edit them to make them quicker or slower, I also realised the importance of getting the actual shots right and not too rush.

I also changed the lighting of shots to make them fit together in sequence.

A main thing that I have learned in about technologies, such as LiveType and garage band.

The importance of hearing the voice clearly has had a major impact on my film, therefore I realised the importance of having a voice recorder, to re-do any sound you could not hear but also for a voice-over which adds exposition.

I had to plan my shots carefully and what was needed to be said by my actors and actresses.

Also how to create a realistic killing, without it appearing to be a "joke." I did this by using a point of view shot, so you did not actually see the knife, just the arm movement, therefore I used a water bottle, as it made it much more realistic, as my killer was frightened of hurting the actor he was pretending to stab.

Although, I feel if I were to ever create a movie again, I have realised that I should start planning even earlyer on, I changed my idea a few times which was a problem, and alot of the footage was filmed late therefore it was hard for me to gain rough cuts and audience feedback.

I now value the importance of planning and getting shots done, so you can improve on them.

I also made sure there was no background noise. I also took many shots of each clip, so I had a variety too choose from, I could edit them together and work which clips worked best with each.

I used a voice-over to add exposition.

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

Due to creating my product, I have learnt about all sorts of technologies, this is due to me using many different types.

The main one, would of course be I-movie, where I edited and created my film on. This has helped me learn how to import and export sound, as this is what I used for my voice-over. It has also helped me change the volume of the sound, and edit sound from clips and place it on other clips, which is what I had to do for my mobile phone ringing. It has also helped me with transitions, making them fast or slow, I slowed down the stabbing scene, to make it more dramatic and not too quick. I also edited the lighting on my shots to make them all seem the same colour, as lighting was a problem when filming. I also learned how to add titles.

This program then helped me to go on and learn how to use I-dvd, which is what we put our films on from I-movie.

Another technology on the Mac I used was LiveType, this was to create my final title, as I felt the font size was not big enough in Imovie. I also used this to create my distribution logo and my production logo.

This is the stages of creating my distribution logo :

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Although, I did not personally create the music myself, with thanks to John Cockshaw, I did watch him create my music, and I learned how to use two different types of instrument playing at the same time, for instance piano and strings, I also learned how to export the music into I movie. This was on the program garage band.

This is my soundtrack:

Along with these workshops on the Mac's, I also used many internet based technologies.

The main website I used was blogger,
This helped me present my stages of completing the coursework, my research, reasons as to why I used certain characters, costumes, my storyboard, this also allowed me to embed videos, upload sounds and pictures. This was accessible at both home and school.

Another website I used was

This allowed me to upload audio files and then post these on my blog, for instance my voiceover.  this allowed me to upload written documents onto my blog, for instance my storyboards.

I also used, I used this to upload my videos, although is a good alternative, you can not access it from school, therefore I took note of this new video sharing site, I found this easier, as I could access it from school and upload movies from Imovie straight onto it.

The two main pieces of equipment I used were the video camera itself, the tri-pod and the voice-record.

The tri-pod helped me keep the camera still so the shots did not appear shaky. I used this for shots such as the killing. 

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

However in shots such as my actress running away, it did not matter if the camera was a bit "shaky" as this made it seem more realistic, I could also not use the tripod as I was running behind my actress filming her. 

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

I used the voice-recorder to get close up sounds, I used this for my voice-over, and also for when you could hear my male character speak, I also used this to create the "slashing sound" for my killing, although I did not actually use this. 

This is my voice-over, which I recorded on the voice-recorder:

The other main technology I used was the video camera itself, 

Canon MV920 Digital camcorder was the video camera I used too shoot my footage, I then put this on Imovie. These were very easy to use.

For some of my footage I used night mode, this was due to some of the shots being too dark too see. 

To record my footage on, I used DV tapes. 

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

Warp X, and Warp Films, are low budget film production companies, which have created the likes of Donkey Punch, compared too Working title, who work on a much larger scale creating films such as Love Actually , therefore, due to me being an "indie" film maker, I would choose Warp X and Warp Films.

The distribution company for this is Optimum Releasing. They have distributed movies such as Cry Wolf, Wolf Creek and Donkey Punch.

I would compare my film too these, as it is low-budget and a typical slasher.

My movie was not expensive, with only the following costing money:

  • Two tapes costing £2 each, making it £4 all together
  • Petrol money, for my actor to actually drive to the desired destination, which I again changed, this was £4
  • The knife I used was free of charge, it was a friends, as I used a blunt kitchen knife
  • The car was also my friends, so I was only charged petrol money
  • The costumes of my actresses and actors were either their own or mine, thus making it free of charge
  • And the location of where I filmed (Ilkley Moor- Keighley Gate) was free of charge. 
  • My actors and actresses were also free of charge
  • Four C.D'S to export my movie onto, costing £1 

However, it is important to consider, that if I was too release my movie, in the "movie world" makeup, clothing, lighting, and more props needed for the rest of the film would all be needed. Although, it would still be a cheap Indie film.

Most horrors, also do not star big named Actors and Actresses, as they are soon killed off,
 However it is important to realise that many slasher films are breaking away from not using big named actors and actresses, which primarily started in the 1990's, Scream started off this trend, by using Drew Barrymore and Courteney Cox and other slasher movies gradually began to follow, this widens the audience as fans of these actors and actresses will be interested in the work they produce.  

A NightMare On Elm Street is due to release a sequel in 2010, proving that the slasher genre is still going strong. With the first Nightmare on Elm street making $25,504,513 (USA). 

Recent films such as Tormented (2009- Jon Wright) have proven to do well in the genre, with the total budget costing just under 1 million, it made £284, 757. 

The movie Donkey Punch (2008- Oliver Blackburn), was filmed in three weeks, with a budget of £500,000,  a very low budget film with it end up making £144, 953 in its opening weekend. 

These figures show that the slasher genre still has an appeal and attraction to audiences. However many slasher films now do not get much cinema showings and often make more money on there DVD releases.

Therefore, I would expect my movie too not do quite as well in the cinema, but make the majority on DVD releases. Although it is important to consider the issue of copyright, as it is a digitally made film, and if they access my movie freely over the internet I will not be making any money. 

However, Optimum Releasing would only appeal to a British audience, and maybe not those of a upper class. This means it is unlikely to achieve a Box Office Release, as it does not contain big named actors and actresses, the low budget, and the specific target audience.

Due to Warp X being a small company, to distribute my film I would most probably need extra funding, I could get this from Screen Yorkshire or the UKFC 
These both aim to help new producers of films.

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

How did you attract/address your audience?

After researching and finding out specifically and in detail whom my target audience was, I had to establish how I was going to attract them and make my film specifically suitable for them, for instance by not making the film too hard to understand when the age range of my product is for younger, 15-24, but also so it is suitable.

I made sure my actors and actresses were of the same age of my target audience, which was 17.

By using this teenage cast, teenage culture and reference to "teen activities" I have drawn in my chosen audience. The storyline is also easy to understand and not too complex, horror is commonly of interest too a younger audience.

I also knew that due to accents, dialogue and scenery, it would typically be a Yorkshire audience, I have tried to widen this audience by including typical things that you expect to see in horror, but also by using famous landmarks. 

Although, I have tried to widen the audience in some aspects of my movie, for instance, the girl survives in my film, rather than the male, she is connoted as strong and intelligent, typically known as the "final girl" this may widen the audience too more females, however I may of lost audiences due to not including a "male gaze" in my film, although it could be argued that I used the "pink pound" theory, with a good looking actor.

There is a narrative enigma in my story, as the killing doesn't just happen straight away, the audience will get a shock and a scare, with the fast paced editing of the girl running away, this will also bring in the teen audience, and the fact my actor and actress are "kissing." It is all common things teenagers can relate too.

The music, which was just created on garage band, is quite simple, but adds a huge effect of something is going to happen, due to this being simple, easy music, this would attract my chosen audience.

I also used a voice-over, this adds exposition of why the kill takes place, which will draw the audience in of what is happening.

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic